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Seasons of love

The "Token of the Seasons" has a lot of me in it. Being one of my first engraved coins it has witnessed my journey from the start. It has traveled the country with me and has inspired many iterations for custom pieces throughout the years.

For me it serves as a constant reminder to the ever changing aspects of life and the futility of attachment. Interwoven roots uniting the energy of birth, growth, harvest, and death.

As the year goes from green to grey we enter the darkness with a deep knowledge of the interconnected nature of life. From death Springs life and love nurtures us on each step of the journey.

Love fuels our connections and deepens as we feed our relationships with light and compassion. It is a formless, powerful energy and a potent emotion that has the power to heal our wounds. But only if we allow ourselves the opportunity to be vulnerable.

Exposing our vulnerability allows Love to flourish but in that lies the risk of being harmed. If we succumb to the fear of being hurt we will never know the true power and potential that love holds.

Live and Love like there's no tomorrow!

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