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Unfinished buisness

Walking path labyrinth (unfinished) on Back side of "Seasons" Half Dollar

Life on the road always leaves me with unfinished business, something that lingers after a trip home that just should have been done before leaving. This coin is a perfect example of one of those pet projects that just get neglected due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case I was trying to finish pieces for my first gallery show when time ran out.

This Labyrinth was cut on the back side of a finished piece titled "Seasons". It was left as-is with an intention to finish it after the show closed. As things do, some other projects came to my door and this piece was put on hold yet again. By the time I got back to the labyrinth, exposed bits of the copper core of the JFK half Dollar had developed a distinct patina.

Having unintentionally sanded down the face side of the coin to the core, a ghosted profile in dark patina was ample evidence that I had used the wrong coin to blank flat. I was presented with quite the design challenge and again set the coin aside to deal with on another day.

This Labyrinth was a first attempt and I quickly moved on to cutting labyrinths into silver coins with great success. I love this coin because it is unfinished business. It lacks the polish and feels closer to my heart, so i wear it proudly and as a reminder that finished does not always mean perfect.

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