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FUN Show Florida Report

The FUN Show in Orlando Florida was a great time! As one of the Guest carvers I sat along side Master Engraver Ray Cover Jr. for the duration of the show. We spent our days Carving Nickels, talking to fellow engravers from across the country and introducing a whole new generation to the art of engraving.

Dan Adif And Robbie "Deadman Jeweler"
Gedi, Keith, Alex and Aleksey
Archie mentoring new carver Elise
FUN Nickel 2015 (for sale)

Before the show I built out a sleeping birth and storage area in my van. With Rays help this went very smoothly and made a huge differnece in the usability of the cargo space. I also built out my engraving station and lined the wall and floor with plywood facililtating a stable and versitile workspace.

Mobile Studio Setup

Florida Has been great and I look forward to setting up again for FUN next year in Tampa. I have seen several friends and some family while in town and Archie Taylor has proven to be one of the most gracious hosts I have had the pleasure to hang with.

So with the van lubed and rotated I am preparing to hit the road once again to lovley Las Vegas!

I hope to touch base with a few additional friends along the way but cold and foul weather is making travel north problematic. Michigan looks promising for the month of May and Tennesse will have to wait for this June's engrave-in. The east coast will be a blast for the coming summer and I look forward to visitng Baltimore and New England respectivly.

Many Blessings to all of you and I look foward to touching base again real soon!


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