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Artist Statement

I engrave to satisfy an internal calling to create in an intensely focused and meditative manner. It is an outlet that also allows me to assist in creating moments of joy, celebration, healing and remembrance. My grandfather taught me to seek out and cherish the beauty found in the tiniest details of nature. It is in this 

wisdom that the scale of my work demands the viewer slow down, 

take their time and focus to appreciate the details. 


My tool of choice is an Air-Graver, A palm-controlled air engine That allows me to Intuitively draw in metal, and cut away slivers of Silver, Nickel and  gold to bring forth illustrations of light and shadow. Years of dedicated practice and a seemingly endless amount of patience have taught me to predict how my most 

subtle actions will yield the desired results.


SilverCoins like this Barber Dime have become my favorite of mediums. The Green Man and the leaves that form his face represent my spiritual connection to nature manifest in reality. This symbol serves as a constant reminder of my grandfather’s words and advice to slowdown and appreciate the little masterworks all around us.



MJSA Smart Show Bench Pressure Challange

Chicago 2013

First Place Setting

Second Place Overall


Harmony Metals Design Competition

2010 Hoover and Strong / SNAG

First Place Professional Division

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