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On the Road to FUN

So the Epic road trip has begun, over the pat few days I have traveled from Seattle through Oregon and into California. Staying for a moment in Sacramento to visit with friends drop off a rocking horse and Spend Christmas day with my cousins. I continued to Oxnard to see my brother and visit with my delightful nieces for a day and Dropped into LA to visit with Chef Ito at his new resteraunt Au Lac downtown across from the Disney Concert Hall. I met some new faces Namley Kevin and Lauren whom I hope to keep in touch with as they are both Delightful Souls with a lot to share with the world. I spent last night outside of Pheonix Arizona and I am continuing to traverse the state with a eye out for cool stops along the way. I have yet to visit Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama so That will be new ground and once that is accomplished I believe I will have been in every state in the continetal US. Rad.....

I will leave you with a Hobo Nickel of mark lewis completed last week before I left......I miss you my friend but the story will continue....for sure!

Catch you later...



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